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Our goal is to provide business owners with relevant and accurate information for decision making so that they can grow their business. We go beyond number crunching and help small businesses reduce their tax liability and increase profitability. Our Full Accounting service firm is specializes in:

Monthly Bank /Credit Card Accounts Reconciliation
Accounts reconciliation will allow us to identify missing entrees, process Journal Entrees, and make Adjusting Journal entrees in order for your accounts to be up to date. The end result of this process brings better cash control and cash management

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Income Statement Preparation
Also call Profit and Loss statement helps Managers and Business owners to know if the business is profitable, assess performance and identify what cause profit or loss for a period. Managers can investigate expenses like marketing, salaries, overhead expenses and make managerial decision for the growth of the business.

Balance Sheet Preparation
A balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your business’ financial condition at a specific moment in time. Accounts on the balance sheet are permanent accounts. Balance sheet and income statement are the basic financial statement that banks, vendors and investors will use to assess the value of your business, provide financing for your business or provide credit for the growth your business. We will also provide key performance indicator like ratios or KPI to help you make better business decision.

General ledger clean up
No matter how disorganized are your books; we will take the stress out of your paper work mess. We will do accounts analysis, review the ledger, investigate discrepancies and provides corrections if necessary.

Standard value
- Input all transactions for up to 2 bank accounts and 1 credit card account.
- Reconciles Up to 2 bank accounts and 1 credit card accounts.
- Make any adjusting Entries needed.
- Provide Balance sheet, Profit & Loss and any other reports needed on a monthly Basis.
- Yearned Analysis

Plus Value (most popular)
- Input all transactions for up to 3 bank accounts and 2 credit cards accounts.
- Reconciles Up to 3 bank accounts and 2 credits cards accounts.
- Make any adjusting Entries needed.
- Provide Balance sheet, Profit & Loss and any other reports needed on a monthly Basis.
- Add $50 for each additional bank or credit card account.
- Payroll Processing for up to 5 employees
- Yearned Analysis

Premium Value
- Value plus package
- Unlimited # bank/credit cards
- Payroll for up to 10 employees
- Weekly report
- Quarterly analysis
- Unlimited consultation
- Cash Flow Projection

Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the work and/or large volume of transactions

Do you know you can easily Take Payroll and Payroll Tax Filing off your to Do list? Free yourself from payroll stress and focus on what you love the most: growing your business. The best part is that is affordable. Our professional
staff will:
- Set up Employee time sheet for you
- Run payroll and file taxes on your behalf
- Free direct deposit
- Taxes paid and filed for you on the due date
- Penalty-free guarantee
- W-2s handled for you

Set up, Bookkeeping, training and unlimited assistance for you and your
staff. The training can be done in our office, in your office or remotely. The choice is yours. Initial set up or transferring from another Accountant/System is Easy. Just give us a call.

QuickBooks give you visibility of your financial situation, it helps prepare your Profit and loss of the year for you to see if the business is profitable or where decision have to be made in order to achieve targeted objectives. The balance sheet report also will help you assess the business Assets, the liability of the business and see some investment
are needed or borrowing from banks or investors is the way to go and
grow your business. So many customizable reports are available in

QuickBooks comes with different packages; we will choose the best
option for your business structures. Please call us now for a free consultation.

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