Through our Advisory activities, we offer various services that help optimize our clients'

  •    Business Structure choice and formation advice
  •    Business Plan Draft 
  •    Personal Financial statement
  •   Training Assistance in the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the establishment of consolidated financial statements;
  •    Internal audit outsourcing and risk management functions;
  •    Assistance in setting up a management control system
  •    Development of IT audit plan and risk assessment
  •    Outsourcing of the audit of the information system
  •    Management information systems
  •    Cybersecurity
  •    Data management and analysis
  •    Support in digital transformation: Implementation of digital solutions and support  (accounting, invoicing, financial statements management, payroll management, Customer Relationship Management, marketing automation, email marketing, procurement management, inventory, evaluation, project management,  collaborative tools, time management, electronic archiving, etc).

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4600 Highway 6 North Suite 312
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We actively participate in creating value for our customers by providing them with innovative management solutions for their organization and optimization of their functions.

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