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It’s a great honor to serve as your Public accountant and financial adviser. Our goal is to provide business owners with relevant and accurate information for decision...

PCo. Partners

Our primarily responsibility as an auditor is to provide an independent report on the reliability of management’s financial statements on whether the financial...

PCo. Partners

Faced with the many changes taking place in the regulatory and tax area PCo. Partners supports you in finding adopted solutions to your problems...

PCo. Partners

Through our consultancy activities, we offer various services that help optimize the resources of our clients. We also support our customers in the...

PCo. Partners

About Us

PCo. Partners | Audit & Consulting is a Texas Certified Public Accounting firm that offers a wide variety of services to business and as well as to individuals clients. The main activities of the firm is to provide Audit &
Assurances, Accounting, Tax & legal and Advisory Services.


At PcO. Partners, we understand the in and out of your industry. Our knowledge and experience of the
compliance and fiscal challenge that your business faces makes us the partner you need to grow and
meet your financial goals. We have decade of experience working with business like yours. No matter
which industry you are in we will work with you with professionalism, integrity and keep our promise to
accurately file your taxes in a timely manner and do exactly as promised with no extensions, or
we pay your fees for you, we will make sure that you are not wasting any time or money on
your accounting needs while maximizing what this critical function of your business is capable
of providing back to you.


The advent of technologies such as AI, blockchain, Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, SaaS, coud computing are opening up prospects for sustainable growth for different sectoral players. In particular, it is up to companies to enter digital transformation on a full footing and this begins by rethinking their value chains.
PCo.Partners supports its clients in meeting these challenges through tailor-made service offers and the implementation of effective strategies and methods.

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4600 Highway 6 North Suite 230
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4600 Highway 6 North Suite 230
Houston, Texas 77084

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Fight against money laundering and terrorist financing: What obligations for the public accountant?

We actively participate in creating value for our customers by providing them with innovative management solutions for their organization and optimization of their functions.

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